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When it comes to getting your vehicle in tip-top shape, there really is no other business in the region that compares to autospa. Not only do we keep a tidy shop, but we deliver a valuable experience and quality service time and time again.

Explore Autospa's Services

  • Correct swirl marks, scratches, and buffer trails to reveal that new c...

    4 hr

    From $255
  • Ditch the dents with autospa’s paintless dent removal option tailored ...

    1 hr

    From $65 per panel
  • Your future is looking bright.

    1 hr 30 min

    From $85 a pair
  • The ultimate lasting protection for your car’s exterior with a lifetim...

    4 hr

    From $595
  • Protect your vehicle from the inside out.

    3 hr

    From $295
  • No point crying over spilt milk, coffee, mince pie, felt tip, crayon, ...

    2 hr 30 min

    From $180
  • Water spots on your windows? Not our future.

    3 hr

    From $200